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the Raw Vegan Paradox

Platter for one

I embraced the RAW experience with food because of the uncooked minimum processing of the produce.

I found that when cooked, the fresh plant produce felt less 'alive', denatured somewhat by the cooking process, with a loss of vitality, enzymes and sometimes taste.

You are what you eat is true on so many levels.

Raw plant based cuisine is essentially gluten, wheat and dairy free and requires a commitment because there are not many products readily available to buy if you don't have the time and tools to make them yourself.

I see the word vegan is increasingly becoming associated with raw, the media catchphrase encompassing Raw Vegan represented on the menu as any dish without meat or dairy (the Raw being the accompanying salad to a cooked feast of grains, starchy vegetables, beans, or tofu)

Vegan incorporates cooked food, using wheat, rice, grains and produce that require heat to change their initial structure for digestion and assimilation. Raw and Vegan I understand but Raw Vegan seems almost paradoxical.

The cuisine I create and produce at Alive and Wild is 100% RAW. Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free.

I don't do the wheat, rice, grains or other produce that needs the process of cooking, and include the wondrous healing and unparalleled taste of raw organic honey in my cuisine

Viva la RAW!

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