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Meet our guest chef Marianna!

Meet our guest chef Marianna, of a plant based chef based in Northern New South Wales.

She has a very holistic approach to food and nutrition.

Throughout her journey she has studied various modalities including raw food and detoxification, Ayurveda, Western nutrition, and Chinese medicine and incorporates each of the teachings into her work.

She believes that by learning to tune into our bodies and go inwards we will ultimately find the path which is right for us.

Food to her is a creative outlet as well as an opportunity to heal ourselves and reconnect to nature.

She believes that love is the key ingredient and pours her heart and soul into each dish.

Marianna's philosophy is that by changing the way we treat food, from creation to consumption, we can make the world a more loving and connected place.

We are thrilled to have her with us at Retreats Byron Bay over the summer season


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