6 x discs (each 7cm diameter) of the most delcious and nutritious activated seeds and nuts combined with fruit and dehydrated below 48ªC to retain all the enzymes, flavour and good juju 


Break up for your breakfast bowl, whole as breafast on the go, or a satisfying snack, any time of the day 


add maple cream and a shave of chocolate - you have a dessert x




  • SEEDS: Pepita • Sunflower • Black & While Sesame

    NUTS: Walnuts • Pecans • Almonds • Macadamia • Cashew

    all activated up the yingyang

    FRUIT: GojiBerry • Currants • Raisins • Citrus Zest • Apple • Banana • Orange • Coconut 

    Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Salt and other spices

  • Using fresh and imported ingredients