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I see food as multi-dimensional art and alchemy.

The spirit of the food needs to be nurtured and represented. You intake energy, information and vibration of its molecular essence and merge it with your own, it feeds you on all levels of existence and should be combined and created with this context in mind.

Each ingredient has a story, on a physical level, it is rich in the building blocks of life, vitamins and minerals etc, on a deeper level, it has memory in its seed of countless generations, it has gestated within the earth, influenced by the elements, cosmic cycles and immediate environment so when consciously prepared will feed and influence your body, mind and spirit.

Living Live Enzymes are the only substances capable of digesting food, Enzymes can only be created from living organic material, when food is cooked above 45 degrees Celsius or 118 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 15 minutes the naturally occurring enzymes are destroyed, As a result the body must produce its own enzymes using up energy and nutrients (eg. minerals) in order to digest and assimilate the food ingested. 

When cooked food is consumed the body must use up more energy to digest and assimilate.​ Compared to live raw cuisine, cooked plant based food is void of enzymes and depleted in nutrients, protein for example is depleted by over 50%, eating food cooked above a certain temperature or if it is not possible to digest the food consumed, the body acts as if it were a toxic substance and a pathogenic response is set up within the being, called digestive leukocytosis, where the body’s white blood cells are used to digest food similar to how they would attack a foreign substance.   Thats wild!

Raw Plantbased Cuisine is a nutrient rich and a calorie sparse way of eating, increasing consumption of live raw food assists the body to cleanse and activates ones natural instincts, intuition and healing potential at all levels of our being


- you are what you eat...

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