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About me…


My journey into health and rocking my template began when I was diagnosed with Graves

(autoimmune disease with symptoms of overactive thyroid) in the late 90’s


Back then there wasn’t much else other than to nuke it so I found myself after treatment

left with little to no metabolic function and absolutely no appetite.


I would do a 2 hour Ashtunga Yoga class and eat no carbs yet I put on 2kg a day

– when I did eat, I was nauseous or just fully sick.


Although I had always been interested in the ‘spiritual’ and ‘alternative’ it wasn’t until it became about consciousness and embodiment that I took a more holistic approach to life and living.


A Whole Health session with Dr Jon on nutrition, digestion and metabolism revealed a detox was first,

followed by my new ideal diet to consist of no wheat, no dairy and no meat

– I mean what the hell was I supposed to eat?


Determined, I began with the clay detox and never looked back.

The better I felt the easier it became.


Literally cleansing the body mind and spirit it’s a complete reset.

While I was drinking the clay and upgrading my system,

I was fed and inspired by the raw food porn I devouring.


When I reintroduced food, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety open to me,

I actually had more choice on what to prepare with plantbased meals.


I found that when I cooked the fresh plant produce, it felt less 'alive',

denatured somewhat by the cooking process, with a loss of vitality, enzymes and sometimes taste.

So I continued to develop my skills and alchemy in live food and I became good at it.


I noticed that when I went to lunch, no one was serving a decent salad (for a reasonable price)

so I opened a RAW food takeaway shop in Byron Bay – the first of it's kind.

I remember making my almond mylk for the coffees and people saying WTF?

Now look how its trending lol

My food became celebrated here and beyond, word carried by visitors to Byron

relaying their experience of my original recipes as a benchmark of Raw Cuisine

It was a buzz to travel to Sedona, Arizona and be recognised at the RAW food resturant there

(Chocola Tree) by people who had dined with me.


Back to the daily grind of it - I thought I would be out the back, making and creating,

the reality of it was I had trouble getting staff that would turn up or not steal

so I ended up a bit more front of house.

Not my place to be, I’m the full Soup Nazi with little to no tolerance for fools

or precious behaviour and by the end of it I was burnt out, mentally emotionally, spiritually and physically.


Fast forward a few years and Im back in the game. Alive and Wild 2.0 rebooted at the end of 2017.


I feel the business has matured with me and morphed into a full package with our Retreats.

Combining my two passions, consciousness and food we have created a unique experience in a special place.


I love it also cause I get to create a menu not just the pantry box staples

and all within the magic of CasaVeras in the Byron hinterland.

I really feel Im living my dream – doing what I love, radiating health, prosperity and vitality.

I look forward to meeting you and turning you onto your own fabulosity and become inspired again

by your Self and all your potentials

see you in the dreaming



Vicki Veranese

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