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Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food


Raw Cacao has SO many Health benefits and is an excellent carrier for any superfood, adaptogen, supplement or Oil extract 

Some of our favourites include: 

Bee Pollen • MACA • Macuna • Medicinal Mushrooms • Essential Oils • activated Flowering Hemp Extract • Full Spectrum CBD Oil • MCT Oil


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Special Orders
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Special Orders are Welcome!

You may need a cake or dessert for an Occasion, or perhaps a signature chocolate for an event

Let us work together to create something unique, memorable

Nutritious and Delicious

ALL Gluten • Wheat • Dairy • Soy • Refined Sugar • Stabilizers • Preservative FREE

A little notice is all that is required​ • Text or Email to get the ball rolling


Apothecary Cacao love to collaborate and bring your raw chocolate dreams to fruition

Pictured is a collaboration with I of RA, a school of Consciousness and Embodiment. They wanted a chocolate to carry the juju of their school and we came up with unique flavours and textures to represent what they wanted to convey

Byron Bay Peanut Butter company is another who we worked with to highlight their most delicious product 

If you have an event, wedding, corporate gift - whatever, lets see what unique and fantastic flavour creation we can come up with for you 

Text or Email to enquire

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