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Creamy dreamy organic cashew nut base with deeper flavours and the tang of fermented probiotics

for an attractive, delicious and nutritious addition to the cheese board

Ingredients: all organic biodynamic and spray free

Cashews • Probiotics • Salt • White Miso • Coconut Cream

Nut Cheese Storage, Shelf Life

cheese is best up to 8 weeks from creation

•once opened store airtight and in the fridge and consume within 5-7 days • comes in resealable plastic tub

Rose and Pistachio
Chilli Lime Salt Pepper
Garden Herbs and Flowers
Edible Flowers and Herbs
Fleur de la Mer
Alive & Wild Fruit and PopySeed fermented Cashew Brie
Medicinal Shrooms and Hemp Seed

• Plain and Unadorned: fresh or dehydrated and aged

• Rose and Pistachio: organic pistachio nuts and rose petals

• Chilli Lime Salt and Pepper: Chilli,  lime zest, Pink and White Salt, Peppercorn Medley

• Garden Herbs and Flowers: (fresh from my garden Chives, Tarragon, Lemon Thyme, Nastursium, Marigold, Alyssum, Rose Petals)

• Edible Flowers and Herbs: Dill, Alyssum and edible flowers in season Viola, Heartsease, Nastursium, Marigold, Rose, 

• Fleur de la Mer: Tasmanian Kelp and Aussie Seeweed Salad

• Fruit and Nut: Sulfur Free Apricots, Fig and Poppyseed

• Mediterranean: Chives Basil Dill Oregeno Tomato Powder Kalamata Olives

• Peppercorn Medley: (Black Brown White Red

• Medicinal Mushroom and Hemp Seed Teelixir Immune Defence Medicinal Mushroom Blend & Hemp Seed)a

$17 each EMAIL to order • pick up or subject to delivery availability 

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