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lA few years ago now, back when the whole raw movement began in earnest,

I had one of the first raw food ventures in Byron Bay. 

People came from around the world to eat there, and amazinglyI have run into them when I have travelled 

- and they still talk about the food at Alchemia - so cool


I loved the style of food preparation and it became the only way I made food.

Being self taught, people ask me how I learnt to do what I do, so I developed 'the Essence of RAW'

I am now offering a retreat style experience where you can

connect with your own intuitive nature and kickstart your living live raw food journey

-  either learning the basics if its all new information 

or expanding your repetoire and refining what skills you do have


Regardless, we can tailor it to suit you and where you are at

and how it can fit into your lifestyle, after all not everyone has hours to create a feast...


Living Live Raw Food Experiential - whatever we make over the retreat,  you get to take home

We got through a typical day's menu with serveral option for each meal to explore

DAY 1: arrive for lunch

begin exploring and upgrading knowledge and skills the afternoon food prep and dinner with dessert


DAY 2: Full day: from morning to dusk (or therabouts)

a day of process and discovery - all meals addressed and recipees shared

evening meal and integration


DAY 3: Morning Experiential

Finishing after Lunch


On leaving, you will be laden with whatever we have made to take with you, 

(cakes, crackers, kale chips, pizza bases, cheese, dips, chocolate ) 

You will be able to prepare for yourself a number of Living Live Raw Food recipes 

and have the grounding and confidence  to create your own 


$1555 per person includes accomodation and food

and all organic, biodynamic or wild crafted ingredients and produce for the practical


EMAIL for more...

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