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This will definitely rock your world!  

Raw • Organic • Artisan


dark decadent and delicious chocolate that is soy, dairy, stabilizer, preservative and refined sugar free with Superfoods, Adaptogens, Shrooms, Fruits Nuts & Seeds for #holistichedonism 


• Blissings: Essential Sweet Orange Oil with Maca, Macuna and Bee Pollen


• Peppermint: imbued with Essential Oil of Peppermint Arvensis and Teelixir Immune Defence 


• Rose: imbued with the aromatic and healing pure Essential Oil of Rose Absolute with Teelixir Ambrosia Beauty


• Sour Cherry: dried cherry and coconut reminicent of a classic Cherry Ripe


• Caramel: delcious Alive and Wild original recipe raw caramel 


• Peanut Butter: with Byron Bay crunchy and salty Peanut Butter


• Mousse: a creamy, light, refined texture and taste of raw chocolate Mousse 


blocks (approximately 120gms)

original recipe

Alive and Wild Cacao Raw Chocolate Bars

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