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Creamy dreamy organic cashew nut base with deeper flavours made with probiotics for an attractive, delicious and nutritious addition to the cheese board



• Plain and Unadorned

fresh or dehydrated and aged

• Rose and PIstashio

organic pistachio nuts and rose petals

Chilli Lime Salt and Pepper

(De-seeded Chilli from my garden dehydrated and made into powder lime zest, Pink and White Salt, Peppercorn Medley)

Garden Herbs and Flowers

(fresh from my garden Chives, Tarragon, Lemon Thyme, Nastursium, Marigold, Alyssum, Rose Petals)

Edible Flowers and Herbs

(fresh from my garden Dill, Alyssum and edible flowers in season (Viola, Heartsease, Nastursium, Marigold, Rose, whatever is blooming )

Fleur de la Mer

(Tasmanian Kelp and Aussie Seeweed Salad)

• Fruit and Nut

( Sulfur Free Apricots, Fig and Poppyseed)

• Mediterranean

(Chives Basil Dill Oregeno Tomato Powder Kalamata Olives)

• Peppercorn Medley

(Black Brown White Red)

• Medicinal Mushroom and Hemp Seed

(Teelixir Immune Defence Medicinal Mushroom Blend & Hemp Seed)

Cashew Nut Brie

  • Cashews • Probiotics • Salt • White Miso • Coconut Cream

    once opened store airtight and in the fridge



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