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Dr Jon's Healthy Mouth Polish gently cleanses and refreshes the mouth, teeth and gums and assists in remineralising teeth


25gm Glass Jar 

made fresh to order



**we make no therapeutic claims with these products

our words are based on our experience and those of our clients

Dr Jon Dental Healthy Mouth Polish

  • We are realy excited for this product- it ticks all the boxes for a gentle mouth cleansing and replenishing experience.



    Bentonite • Zeolite • Ghassoul • Green Clays 

    (green particulary is absorbing - cleansing and adsorbing: remineralising) 

    Baking Soda • Himalayan Salt • Nano Silver 

    Ormus Minerals: PGE Molybdenum • Fulvic Acid • PGE Gold • PGE Indium • SIlica • MSM • Stabilized Oxygen Concentrate • L-Arginine • L-Citruline

    • Fructo- Oligosaccharides (from Chicory • Liquid Enzymes

    OIls of Cinnamon •Clove • Mastic • Neem • Peppermint Arvensis • Rose Otto • our own Coconut Oil extract of Reishi Mushroom 

    Serentiy Now Gem and Botanical Vibrational Healing Essence


    Suitable for all ages, just a pearl drop size on the brush and off you go

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