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Aromatic Hydrosol of Vibrational Healing Botanical and Gem Essences with Australian Bush Flower Essences, Essential Oils Nano Silver and a piece of Shungite

Sacred Space

  • Pure Essential Oils, Floral Water, Sacred Geometries and Australian Bush Flowers Essences

    Spray your environment, around your energy field to cleanse, balance and renew the energy, body, mind and spirit.


    ***allow the pump dispenser to return to its full starting point before depressing again - too many successive pumps without the pause will damage the mechanism


    Click here for a short video


    SACRED SPACE is a hands down winner! 

    Every one loves the exotic aromatics and feels the instant effect of the Vibrational Healing Essences resetting the energetics Adding to this, SACRED CLEANSE same enticing fragrance, same high powered etheric and phsycial cleanse to use after a hard days night or perfect before /after ceremony... 

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