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Welcome to Alive and Wild

Hey Groovers,

Inspired by Mia Wasilievich, a forager and chef from California who's food porn is off the charts, we were exchanging recipes online and she said you should do a food blog- so Mia, this is all your fault!!

I had one of the original Raw Food shops in Byron Bay when the whole David Wolfe thing was first breaking and have continued with my store online, ( named after me) with a blog called (also named after me) which technically died in the arse when I shut my shop, and I am now reviving here. I still hold retreats here at my property and have started up a youtube channel so I can put some moving pictures to my words

Basically I got into it through health and digestion being an issue.

In my early 30's I was diagnosed with Graves disease and the medication at that time was radioactive iodine through an oral dose - just don't even speak - anyway my digestive system went cray cray and it got to the stage that anything I ate made me sick yet I was enormous as the radioactive iodine had literally killed my metabolism.

So my food/health journey began here, when I took charge of my own experience and researched alternatives to such barbaric treatment that had side effects worse than the original imbalance.

I did the clay detox - LOVED and recommended.

While on the last weeks, started getting into Raw Food recipes books, (not really internet savvy at that stage) inspired by the amazing food porn pictures and the respect and treatment of natures bounty.

I dig watching food being prepared, so when ever I would watch a cooking show, i would think 'how can I make that only raw' or if I went out for dinner that was constantly colouring my experience so the food I began making was inspired by the food I always liked eating and it has to also be visually appealing as well as delivering on taste.

I find I am successful as a raw food 'chef' because I was never a cook - nothing to unlearn lol - when you flavour with living live raw food, its a whole different ball game to cooking and some cooks I find have trouble with the transition, The whole raw food flavour profile is subtle and daring, with no room to hide if the balance of flavours is off

I don't do Tofu, beans, wheat or coriander - and I insist on organic, spray free or biodynamic - I mean life is just too short to not honour every experience with the best available and if I can't grow it myself, I am lucky to live in a place with access to amazing growers and produce.

In closing, welcome into my experience wisdom of living live raw food feeding the body mind and spirit, with the intention to inspire and stimulate you into awakening and embodiment your own intuitive 'uncooking' groove



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