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  • Vicki Veranese for Alive and Wild

Platters and Picnics for 2 or more

Picnic from $25 per person

Living Live Raw Food Platters and Picnics

• Living Live Raw Food using organic, biodynamic, sprayfree and local produce

• Delicious and Nutritious original recipes

• Gluten Wheat and Diary Free

Establsihed 2008, Vicki’s food is celebrated here and beyond, word carried by visitors to Byron relaying their experience of her original recipes as a benchmark of Raw Plant based Cuisine.

She sees food as multi-dimensional art and alchemy, and every platter or picnic, the produce is nurtured and respected with the intention of nourishing you, from the inside out. Taste and texture are important and it has to look enticing, above all - its about the flavour and how it makes you feel.

Platters and Picnics for 2 and more

A selection of tasty morsels including nut Cheese, raw crackers, breads and wraps, artisan savoury bites and tasters to delectable sweet treats, chocolate and deserts

You are what you eat...

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