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Flexitarian: the timeless food trend based on the needs of the body at the present moment in time

Alive and Wild PlantBased Cuisine

Fruitarian: A diet which predominantly consists of raw fruit.

Lacto vegetarianism: A vegetarian diet that includes certain types of dairy, but excludes eggs and foods which contain animal rennet.

Ovo vegetarianism: A vegetarian diet that includes eggs, but excludes dairy.

Ovo-lacto vegetarianism: A vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy.

Vegan diet: In addition to the abstentions of a vegetarian diet, vegans do not use any product produced by animals, such as eggs, dairy products, or honey.

Semi-vegetarianism: A predominantly vegetarian diet, in which meat is occasionally consumed.

Kangatarian: A diet originating from Australia. In addition to foods permissible in a vegetarian diet, kangaroo meat is also consumed.

Pescetarian diet:A diet which includes fish but not other meats.

Plant-based diet: A broad term to describe diets in which animal products do not form a large proportion of the diet.

Under some definitions a plant-based diet is fully vegetarian; under others it is possible to follow a plant-based diet whilst occasionally consuming meat.

Raw foodism: A diet which centres on the consumption of uncooked and unprocessed food.

Often associated with a vegetarian diet, although some raw food dieters do consume raw meat.

Pollotarian: Someone who eats chicken or other poultry, but not meat from mammals, often for environmental, health or food justice reasons.

Pollo-pescetarian: Someone who eats both poultry and fish/seafood, though no meat from mammals

Macrobiotic diet: A diet in which processed food is avoided. Common components include grains, beans and vegetables.

Ketogenic diet: A high-fat, low-carb diet, in which dietary and body fat is converted into energy

Paleolithic diet: Can refer either to the eating habits of humans during the Paleolithic era

and now "Pegan' a Vegan Paeleo Hybrid!

Flexitarian - open to all, based on the needs of the body at the present moment in time.

Throughout the different stages of physical growth and development, my dietary requirements, preferences and habits have run been the full spectrum of food(ie) categories.

Pre teen I was a 'meat-a-tarian'. Just meat thanks, I cried once when they served it with gravy in a restaurant (in hindsight, I now have a greater appreciation of the patience of my parents)

When I began understanding food and working in the biz, my palate opened and developed to experience 'taste' - it became all about flavour, texture and new cuisines.

When health became important, I explored and enjoyed plant based options, more vegetarian in leaning (there is nothing like a great brie for me, goat or cow or a blue with raw honey and honeycomb...) each time adjusting to my changing nutritional requirements and my evolving consciousness, preferences and lifestyle.

As I have become older and subject to hormonal fluctuations and adjustments, I have found grains have become the hidden enemy, noticing a debilitating effect in the physical when I consume a run of grains in my diet.

Im not talking about the odd splurge or satisfying of a craving, I mean a few days of consistent indulgence - toast, pasta, rice - easy to do and before you know it you back in the swing including them in your whats to eat lineup.

Vegan for me has two components, cooked vegetables which I love in the colder months or when I need that grounding element, or cooked grains, the breads pasta etc minus the meat and dairy.

This didn’t work for me, my appetite never sated, a feeling of missing something vital when only eating this type of cuisine as a diet and lifestyle choice. I noticed depletion of fabulosity in skin, hair and nails; my mood; muscle tone and joint flexibility. I just felt it wasn’t completely supporting me.

I have found the RAW plantbased cuisine to be a satisfying way to manage the everyday and physical homeostasis that comes with age. The inclusion of ferments and sprouts is a nutrient dense calorie sparse way of eating and the good juju within the ingredient has not been denatured or destroyed by an extended cooking process.

I also have added additional vegetarian features such as 60 minute eggs, raw dairy milk and cheese and honey as a sweetener with health benefits.

I developed the pantry boxes for Alive and Wild to make it easy to have the option of RAW basics like the Pizza Bases, Crackers and gRAWnola accessible, delicious and nutritious pantry options to build on and get creative with. Its easier to stick to something when the components of the dish are close at hand.

In conclusion, my experience wisdom is to listen to your Body Elemental, (the consciousness that runs your physical being) and work in synergy to discover the diet that keeps you healthy and inspired.

If trial and error isn’t your thing, if you have self doubt or confusion around appropriate food choices, wanting a complete nutrition plan customised to your unique alchemy NOW if not sooner - I recommend a Whole Health and Wellbeing session with Dr Jon.

It worked wonders for me, taking the guess work out of what suited my metabolism and individual physiology. It also gave me structure and guidelines making it easy to follow and get fast tangible results.

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